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Rebar Cutter and bender machines – Electric, Hydraulic, price

Rebar cutter is a tool used for cutting steel bars. There are various types of hydraulic rebar cutting machines.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of rebar cutting machines.

Types of hydraulic rebar cutters.

Price of rebar cutting machine or price of rebar bending and cutting machine.

What are the suitable features for a rebar cutting machine?

Components of an ideal rebar bending and cutting machine:

Very important points for repairing and maintaining a rebar cutting machine:

Guidelines for cutting and bending rebars.

What is a rebar cutter?

A rebar cutter is a cutting tool used for cutting and bending rebar and other metals. It typically consists of two cutting blades connected together by a hinge. This tool is commonly used in metalworking and construction workshops for cutting and bending rebar and metal rods. Rebar cutters are available in various sizes and capabilities, depending on the intended use, size, and type of materials to be cut.

Tools and machinery have a significant impact on the progress of infrastructure projects. They also have a greater impact on personal projects and small-scale construction. Therefore, understanding such construction tools and machinery is crucial. In this article, we intend to provide comprehensive information about rebar cutters as one of these cutting tools.

A rebar cutter refers to a tool used for cutting rebar. This device is produced using different technologies. To purchase a rebar cutting tool, factors such as the type of operation, cutting speed, cutting power, type of power used, and accuracy should be taken into account to make a successful purchase.

Types of rebar cutters

Rebar cutters are available in various models, both manual and electric, and are introduced to the market. You can choose and purchase this product based on your needs. It should be noted that most construction companies procure different models of this product according to their specific requirements, and nowadays, you can find rebar cutters in various models on the market. If you are interested in purchasing this product or for more information on the price of a rebar cutter, rebar bender, or technical specifications, you can contact Alborz Ghalb Company. They provide free consultation and you can purchase the required models. Moreover, no matter where you are in Iran, you can make this purchase, and we will be at your service.

Manual rebar cutter

A manual rebar cutter is a simple tool that is available in a handheld form and is used for cutting rebars and other metal materials. These cutters consist of two handles and a central pivot point that is operated by squeezing the handles together. Manual rebar cutters are typically used for cutting iron and steel rebars with smaller diameters. Some types of manual rebar cutters include bolt cutters, blade cutters, and arm rebar cutters.

Mechanical rebar cutter

A mechanical rebar cutter is a powerful tool that operates based on mechanical principles and is used for cutting larger and tougher rebar. These cutters are driven by an electric motor and use their main blades to cut through metal rebars. Mechanical rebar cutters are commonly used in heavy industries such as the construction and metalworking industries. Due to their high power and high cutting speed, they are highly suitable for tasks that require fast cutting.

Hydraulic rebar cutter, or rebar cutting tool

is a powerful type of rebar cutter that operates using a hydraulic system. In this type of rebar cutter, hydraulic force is generated using a hydraulic pump and transmitted to a hydraulic cylinder (hydraulic jack). The hydraulic cylinder causes the movable arm and cutting blade to move. The cutting blade moves towards the fixed blade to cut through the metal material.

Hydraulic rebar cutter, or rebar cutting tool, is generally used for cutting larger diameter metal rebars and high-thickness metal bars. This tool is commonly used in construction workshops, metalworking, and industrial settings for cutting rebars and metal components. Hydraulic rebar cutters offer faster movement compared to manual rebar cutters and higher precision compared to mechanical cutters. They are typically suitable for heavy-duty and long-term tasks. Additionally, this tool has the capability to adjust the cutting force, making it suitable for cutting metal materials of different thicknesses.

The advantages and disadvantages of rebar cutters

The advantages and disadvantages of rebar cutters depend on the type and method of cutting used. Below, we’ll examine the pros and cons of various types of rebar cutters:

Manual Rebar Cutters:

– Lower price compared to mechanical and hydraulic rebar cutters.
– Small size and easy transportability.
– Does not require electricity or fuel.

– Requires manual force to operate.
– Only suitable for cutting small rebars and lacks efficiency against thick rebars.
– Less cutting precision compared to electric and hydraulic models.

Mechanical Rebar Cutters:

– Suitable for cutting large diameter and thick rebars.
– High cutting speed for larger diameter rebars.
– Adequate precision.

– Higher price compared to manual rebar cutters.
– Requires frequent maintenance and blade replacement.
– Precision depends on operator performance.
– Risk of projectiles in short cuts due to high speed.
– Heavier weight and more challenging transportation compared to manual models.

Hydraulic Rebar Cutters

– High power and cutting speed
– High precision in cutting
– Less noise compared to mechanical rebar cutters
– Less tiring to work with

– Higher price compared to manual rebar cutters
– Require a power source to operate (typically depending on the model: mains electricity, electric motor, or diesel)
– Heavier weight and more challenging transportation compared to manual models

Performance of Electric Rebar Cutter and Bender

Capable of precise bending and cutting up to size 32, the electric rebar cutter and bender is a vital tool in the construction industry. This tool, with its ability to both bend and cut rebars, is considered an essential piece of equipment in construction projects. Additionally, the widespread use of rebar cutters in cutting reinforcements and adding necessary strength to structures further underscores its importance.

High Efficiency and Lower Costs

Electric rebar cutters are not only used in the construction industry but also find applications in various other industries. Recognized as one of the best options for rebar cutting due to reduced maintenance and depreciation costs compared to other industrial models, electric rebar cutters are highly regarded.

Higher Quality and Performance

Electric rebar cutters from Alborz Ghalb Complex, with various hydraulic models and 3-horsepower motors, offer the best performance in cutting and bending similar rebars. These machines benefit from a reputable company’s expertise in manufacturing construction machinery.

Best Choice for Purchase

As the largest distributor of Alborz Ghalb Complex’s electric rebar cutters, Tool Distribution Store offers a range of high-quality cutters for cutting and bending construction rebars, with a guarantee for sizes 28 and 32. Moreover, the store facilitates nationwide delivery across Iran.

By selecting these quality products, you will find the best and most efficient tools for your construction projects.

Alborz Ghalb Complex is one of the prominent manufacturers of construction machinery such as rebar benders, rebar cutters, and rebar shears in Iran. This complex offers a variety of products in the field of rebar bending and cutting, including:
  • Hydraulic rebar cutters in various power capacities
  • Dual-purpose rebar benders and cutters in different power capacities
  • Gearbox-driven rebar straighteners in different models and power capacities
  • Gearbox-driven rebar benders in different models and power capacities
This complex is capable of producing various types of mechanical and hydraulic rebar bending and cutting machines on a custom basis. Additionally, high-quality materials are used in the production of these machines to ensure high-quality and long-lasting products.

Types of Hydraulic Rebar Cutters:

Simple Hydraulic Rebar Cutter (Single-purpose)

This device consists of a fixed jaw and a movable jaw used solely for cutting rebar and various metals at different power levels depending on the requirement. It is capable of cutting rebar ranging from 20 to 50 millimeters in diameter. This equipment is typically used in large-scale projects where the need for multiple devices to expedite work speed is essential.

Hydraulic Dual-Purpose Rebar Cutter and Bender

This device is a tool used for bending up to 90 degrees and cutting rebar. It is one of the most important pieces of equipment in construction projects. However, it should be noted that it is not only used in purely construction projects but also in many other branches in various industries for the production of certain products made from different types of rebar. Therefore, this tool is also required in other industries.

Hydraulic Rebar Cutter Sharp Edge

This device is considered a custom-made machine as its production is limited, and its production requires precise machining properties. The operation of this device is such that by cutting the rebar or other metals, its tip becomes sharp after cutting, and it is used in places such as the production of barbed wire fences.

Price of Rebar Cutter or Price of Rebar Bender and Cutter

For cutting and bending any type of reinforced steel bars used in reinforcement, there are various methods available, each requiring specific tools. The price of a rebar bender and cutter depends on the quality of the components used in its construction, such as the body, pump, jack, etc. Typically, the cheapest rebar bender and cutter are manual rebar benders and manual rebar cutters.

The type of rebar cutting and bending machine is the main factor in determining its price. Additionally, the inflation rate affects the price of a rebar bending and cutting machine, considering whether it is manual, electric, mechanical, or hydraulic, varies significantly.

Mechanical rebar bending or cutting machines are generally more expensive than hydraulic ones, and hydraulic machines are more expensive than manual ones. Another influential factor in the price of a rebar bending or cutting machine is whether it is single-phase or three-phase.

Components of an Ideal Rebar Cutter and Bender:

The most important part of the device is the electric motor, which should ideally have a standard power of 3 horsepower and a speed of 1400 revolutions per minute (RPM).

A powerful hydraulic pump is essential, capable of applying sufficient pressure to the rebar.

Cutting blades are crucial and must be very sharp and durable. It is said that they perform better if they have a carbon coating.

The chassis is another important part of the device. Its dimensions should allow the operator to work with the machine as easily as possible.

Having suitable wheels for transporting and moving the device is also essential.

What are the suitable features for a rebar cutter?

It is best to assess your needs before selecting and purchasing a rebar cutter from a reliable sales center. Choose the best machine based on your requirements that can advance your work. All types of rebar cutters available in the market are suitable for different tasks. Among the most prominent products in the market are rebar cutters for bending and cutting from the side and rebar cutters for bending and cutting from the top, which are widely used in construction industries, concrete structure construction, etc. Typically, the power supply required for various rebar cutters is single-phase or three-phase electricity. However, some rebar cutters available in the market are manual, requiring the worker to operate the lever handle to perform the cutting or bending operation. Further information on the suitable features for a rebar cutter will be provided below.

Two-wheel Rebar Bender and Cutter

A hydraulic jack, through an arm connected to the movable jaw at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, applies pressure to the rebar. The rebar is held by the fixed jaw, and the force exerted by the hydraulic jack, transmitted through the arm, initiates the cutting action by engaging the blades installed on the fixed and movable jaws.

Industrial Wheel Rebar Cutter

The hydraulic rebar cutter operates at a slower speed compared to the mechanical device, which is why the use of hydraulic force results in much fewer breakdowns than a mechanical device. Additionally, the cutting precision and potential risks for the operator are significantly reduced.

Rebar Cutter for Size 28:

The most common and widely used rebar cutter in industries is capable of cutting various types of rebar up to size 28. A notable feature of this model is that it has four wheels, making it easy to transport.

Rebar Bender and Cutter for Size 32:

This device is capable of cutting rebar up to size 32 and one of the main features of this type of cutter is its dual-wheel design. It can be attached to a vehicle using an arm, allowing for easy transportation and relocation of the rebar bender and cutter.

Buying a Rebar Bender and Cutter:

When purchasing a rebar bending and cutting machine, attention should be paid to the type of operating system for bending and cutting operations. These machines are produced in fixed, four-wheel, two-wheel, and portable configurations. Paying attention to the type of machine is very important when making a purchase. Additionally, when buying a rebar bending and cutting machine, consideration should be given to the volume of work and the speed required for job progress. For example, the working speed of mechanical machines, also known as gearbox-driven machines, is much faster than hydraulic rebar cutting machines. Furthermore, the power and speed of hydraulic rebar cutting machines are much greater than manual devices.

Free Consultation on Machinery and Equipment for Formwork:

Rebar Cutter Bender Electric 32 is one of the types of rebar cutting machines and construction equipment.

This product is used for cutting and bending rebars. It is produced in various power capacities for construction workshops, etc. The hydraulic rebar cutter is one of the best-selling products in the Iranian market. This product, using a hydraulic drive, can be used for cutting and bending various types of rebars. It comes in two models: single-phase hydraulic rebar cutter and three-phase hydraulic rebar cutter, which are produced and supplied to the market. One of the most important advantages of this product is its ability to increase work efficiency compared to old and manual products, as well as higher accuracy.

For production centers that do not require high speeds, this option is cost-effective and efficient.

This series of rebar cutters, due to their affordable price, are more widely used. This product is equipped with steel blades for easy and smooth cutting and a 3 horsepower single-phase or three-phase dynamo. It has features such as a powerful hydraulic jack, bending rebar from the horn, and cutting reinforcement steel. The rebar cutter, also known as the rebar bender and cutter, is one of the most important construction machinery used in the construction industry.

These products use various types of rebars, which require rebar cutting and bending machines. Different models of rebar cutters are produced and supplied in the market. If you intend to buy this product, you can purchase it based on your needs.

Most construction companies procure different models of this product based on their specific needs, and nowadays, you can see rebar cutters in various models in the market. All types of rebar cutters available in the market are suitable for various tasks. The most prominent products offered in the market include rebar cutters, benders, and cutters from the side, rebar bending machines, and rebar straightening and cutting machines, which are used in construction industries, concrete structure construction, etc.

Usually, the power source required for various rebar cutters is single-phase and three-phase electricity. However, some rebar cutters available in the market are manual, and the worker must bend the lever handle to perform rebar cutting or bending operations.

This machine has a higher performance and speed in cutting and bending rebars compared to other industrial models.

It comes with one year of after-sales service and warranty and is shipped to all parts of the country.

Maintenance and Safety Tips for Rebar Cutter Bender:

1. The motor of the machine should be inspected every six months.
2. Hydraulic pump hoses should be periodically inspected to ensure there are no oil leaks.
3. All bolts and nuts should be tightened.
4. Store the machine in a dry and moisture-free environment when not in use.
5. Lubricate all blades and joints regularly to increase the machine’s lifespan and performance.
6. Check the hydraulic oil of the machine.
7. Safety precautions must be observed during operation, including wearing safety gloves and work clothes.
8. Pay attention to the capacity of the machine and avoid exceeding its capacity to prolong its lifespan.
9. Avoid exposing the machine directly to rain to prevent rust and corrosion.
10. Refrain from performing multiple branch bending and cutting operations.

Regularly check the hydraulic hoses of the machine.

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