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Rebar cutter size 50

Rebar cutter size 50

Three-Phase Rebar Cutter for Size 50

Hydraulic Three-Phase Rebar Cutter for Rebar Size 50

Rebar cutters for size 50 are designed specifically for cutting rebar of model 50. These cutters typically feature sturdy cutting jaws with a cutting angle of 90 degrees. They can effectively cut rebar with diameters ranging from 6 to 50 millimeters (equivalent to 2 inches).

These machines, powered by three-phase electricity, offer greater power and speed compared to single-phase rebar cutters.

Large-scale projects often utilize three-phase rebar for which rebar cutting machines are produced in both single-phase and three-phase models, capable of cutting, bending, and cutting and bending rebar.

Features of Rebar Cutter for Size 50:

– Hydraulic model 50 rebar cutter operates using hydraulic pressure, providing significantly greater cutting power compared to mechanical types. Hydraulic rebar cutters for size 50 can easily handle rebar with a diameter of 50 millimeters.
– Key features of hydraulic rebar cutters include:
– Easy and quick cutting of 50 millimeter rebar
– High hydraulic pressure for robust cutting
– Capability to cut various sizes of rebar
– Sturdy steel construction suitable for industrial environments
– Option for single or multiple blade cutting
– Suitable weight for easy mobility

These features make hydraulic rebar cutters highly popular and favored among users.

To meet customer needs, Alborz Mold Complex produces various types of rebar cutters, known as rebar shears, electric rebar cutters, and manual rebar cutters, offering competitive prices and comprehensive after-sales services nationwide, providing peace of mind for contractors.

Rebar cutter size 50


  • Super Rebar Cutter 50 – Hydraulic System
  • Equipped with a three-phase electric motor, 1400rpm, 10HP
  • Original Spanish Rocket hydraulic pump, 40 liters
  • Comes with a cutting blade with technical number K600BOHLER25-10
  • Blade dimensions: 10010028MM
  • Cutting and bending power on rebar grade T50-Alll
  • Includes four portable wheeled carts for workshop use only
  • Dual-layer wire piping system, German-made
  • Equipped with an electrical panel for circuit protection
  • This device comes with a six-month warranty from the date of invoice issuance by the manufacturer, with ten years of after-sales service.

Power Cutting Table (Rebar Diameter Alll)

Number of RebarsRebar Diameter
150 mm
146 mm
142 mm
140 mm
138 mm
236 mm
234 mm
232 mm
330 mm
328 mm
425 mm
422 mm
520 mm
618 mm
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