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Rebar Bender

The price of rebar bending machine

Price list of rebar bending machines and rebar bender power.Please note that the price of the machine may vary depending on specifications, features, and additional accessories. For accurate pricing and more details, please contact us directly.
ModelBending PowerMotor Powerprice
Rebar Bender G-RB-8612 AIII750w980$
Rebar Bender G-RB-11016 AIII1500w1.210$
Rebar Bender G-RB-13020 AIII2.2kw2.840$
Rebar Bender G-RB-15032 AIII5.5kw3.780$
Rebar Bender G-RB-18536 AIII5.5kw5.870$
Rebar Bender G-RB-21050 AIII7.5kw9.550$
Rebar Bender H-RB-2225 AIII2.2kw1.130$

Rebar bender: A rebar bender is a machine used to bend reinforcing steel bars, also known as rebars, into various shapes and angles to suit the requirements of construction projects.

Types of rebar bending machines

1. Manual rebar bender
2. Electric rebar bender
3. Gearbox (mechanical) rebar bender
4. Hydraulic rebar bender

– Structure of electric rebar bender

– Production process of rebar bending machines

What is the rebar bender machine?

A rebar bender, as its name implies, is a machine used for bending rebars to tie columns and concrete foundations. Rebar benders are divided into three groups: manual rebar benders, electric or semi-automatic rebar benders, and automatic or CNC rebar benders. Typically, in the construction of concrete structures, steel rods ranging from 6 to 45 millimeters are used, depending on the specific concrete structure. As the structure becomes larger and requires greater strength, the size of the rebar used for bending also increases.

Rebar Bender: An Important Tool in Reinforcement

A rebar bender is a device used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Its use in the process of bending and shaping rebars is highly important and effective for rebar bending. One of the positive aspects of this device is its high speed and precision in bending rebars. This precision and speed ensure that the required rebars for a concrete structure are bent with quality and in a timely manner. Additionally, the capability to control various parameters of this device allows for bending rebars into different shapes and angles, which is crucial in various types of construction projects.

Types of Rebar Bending Machines:


1. Manual Rebar Benders: Operated manually by hand, suitable for smaller-scale projects or where electrical power is unavailable.
2. Electric Rebar Benders: Powered by electricity, providing faster and more efficient bending of rebars.
3. Mechanical (Gearbox) Rebar Benders: Utilize mechanical gears for precise control over the bending process.
4. Hydraulic Rebar Benders: Operate using hydraulic power, capable of bending thicker and sturdier rebars with ease.
5. CNC Rebar Benders: Automatic machines controlled by computer numerical control (CNC) for precise and complex bending operations.

Manual Rebar Benders

A manual rebar bender is a tool that utilizes human force to bend rebars. The quality of the bending depends on the amount of force applied to the lever. Therefore, in manual rebar bending machines, the bending capability is directly related to the force exerted by individuals on the lever. When purchasing a manual rebar bending machine, it is important to pay attention to the diameter of the rebar because in these machines, the maximum diameter of the rebar that can be bent is usually around 10 millimeters.

Electric Rebar Benders

In today’s world, electric tools have significantly expanded their presence in the construction industry. The electric rebar bender is one of these highly practical tools that enables improvement and acceleration of the rebar bending process.

Electric rebar benders are manufactured in various types, including gearbox, hydraulic, and CNC models, which are further divided into single-phase and three-phase versions available in the market. The use of these devices is straightforward, and operators typically do not require extensive training. The single-phase models are more favored due to their compact dimensions and easier portability.

Gearbox Rebar Benders

The gearbox rebar bender is one type of rebar bending machine in which power transmission is carried out through a gearbox. This gearbox is positioned vertically, and the power is transferred to the output shaft. In some models, instead of a gearbox, a belt is used for power transmission, which is sometimes employed to reduce costs. However, it should be noted that eliminating a gearbox and using a belt for power transmission may reduce the efficiency of the machine in bending operations.

Hydraulic rebar bender

The hydraulic rebar bender is another method of bending rebars that utilizes hydraulic force for bending. This system, due to its high flexibility, offers ease of operation. One of the main advantages of the hydraulic rebar bender is the elimination of the gearbox and the increase in the machine’s power. This machine is capable of bending rebars ranging from 6 to 50 millimeters in various models, which is one of the most important features of this type of rebar bender. For this reason, multiple rebars can be bent simultaneously in this system.

The structure of an electric rebar bender varies based on the power of the rebar being used. In semi-automatic rebar benders, an electric motor, gearbox, and a complete electrical panel are utilized for controlling the bending of the rebar. The power of the electric motor and gearbox differs according to the size of the rebar and is typically manufactured in various sizes. Semi-automatic rebar benders typically use branch rebar for rebar production.

CNC rebar benders

However, CNC rebar benders are significantly different. In this model, rebar is used in coil form, and the operator plays a minimal role in rebar production. CNC rebar benders have a complete electrical panel and are controlled by a PLC device. In these machines, the rebar is first pulled from the coil, straightened, and then guided towards the bending arm. After bending to the required dimensions, it is cut by a shear and released.

The best type of manual rebar bender is the bearing manual rebar bender.

The price of a rebar bending machine varies based on its power, and the price of an automatic rebar bending machine also differs depending on its type and model.

Rebar bending machines, also known as electric rebar benders or rebar benders, are widely manufactured in Iran, offering competitive prices and extensive after-sales services.

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