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Rebar Bender G RB 110

Rebar Bender G-RB-110

 Rebar Bender 18

The production of single-phase rebar bender machines with a G-RB-110 gearbox. This machine is known as the G-RB-110 rebar bender due to its use of this gearbox model, commonly referred to as an electric rebar bender, used for bending steel rods. It is offered at a competitive price with extensive after-sales service throughout the country.

18 Rebar Bender:

• Electric rebar bender machine – Mechanical system

• Equipped with a three-phase motor 2HP 1400R.P.M

• Industrial-grade Kibby gearbox

• Complete power electrical panel

• Adjustable bending handle at 90 degrees

• This machine is capable of bending steel rods from T6Alll to T18Alll into various geometric shapes (hexagonal, square, parallelogram).

• Weight: 170 kilograms

• Length x Width x Height: 85.70.110 cm

• Available in both single-phase and three-phase models

• The machine comes with a six-month warranty from the date of purchase, along with years of after-sales service provided by the manufacturer.

Specifications of the electric rebar bender machine:
BF -110 Mechanical system
110*70 cm Length and width of the machine
85 cm Height of the machine
2-HP Electric motor
Complete power electrical panel and steering

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Rebar Bender G RB 110
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