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Alborz Ghaleb Complex specializes in Concrete molding formwork production - prop jacks and formwork equipment

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Alborz Ghaleb Complex specializes in the production and sale of modular metal concrete molds, cross ceiling jacks, triangular and hammer formwork braces, formwork pipes, soldiers, formwork clamps, complete and tie bolts, rebar cutters, benders, tampers, tying wire, rebar ties, spacers, formwork brackets, connectors, formwork clamp grips, nuts, washers, cast iron and spring water stops, and more.

Rebar cutters

In the construction industry, rebar bending and cutting machines are used for processing reinforcement bars. In Alborz Ghaleb Complex, various types of rebar cutting machines are manufactured, providing competitive prices and extensive after-sales services . These machines are known by the following names:

– Rebar bending machines
– Rebar cutting machines
– Rebar benders
– Rebar cutters

Reviewing concrete formwork.

concrete formwork.

One of the most important stages in constructing concrete structures is concrete formwork, which is usually done with metal formwork. Due to the high importance of formwork in the execution of a reinforced concrete structure, all aspects of concrete structure construction must be fully aligned with matters related to various types of concrete molds and formwork methods, from formwork equipment to dimensional specifications and execution methods.

At Alborz Ghaleb Complex, we strive to assist you in this process by introducing various formwork methods and equipment. Here, we briefly mention formwork equipment and methods, and in subsequent stages, we will provide detailed explanations to familiarize you with our products. These equipment include:

Metal formwork
Concrete formwork
Modular formwork

Modular scaffolding

For holding concrete forms or steel formwork around the formwork, various tools are used. One of the tools used in this task (in places with considerable height or heavy structure weight) is modular scaffolding, which has the ability to bear heavy loads and can be used for constructing tall ceilings or arch bridges.

Modular scaffolding is divided into several categories based on the method of formwork:

1. Triangular scaffolding
2. Cuplock scaffolding
3. Pipe scaffold

Each of these types serves different purposes in construction, providing support and stability for formwork structures.

prop jacks for construction

prop jacks for construction

Adjustable Jack Props provide the Ideal and the most economic method of support for all kinds of formwork, slabs, beams, wall & Columns. They are also invaluable for a wide variety of applications in general building construction and repair work. Props eliminate the costly labour and time consumed in cutting timber to length, wedging and nailing when used in the vertical as a prop which is made as per heavy & light duty.

Scaffold Hydraulic Jack Support Building Construction Hydraulic Prop for Sale

Props are used in all types of construction work to withstand vertical loads or act as wall brace wherever adjustable load bearing members are required.

A crucial step in construction of a reinforced concrete (RC) structure is Molding, which is usually done with different types of molding like metal, plastic, or plywood. Due to the high importance of molding in the implementation of a reinforced concrete structure, workforces and civil engineers must be fully familiar with molding fabrication and molding methods.
We at Alborz Ghaleb Company try to meet your needs in this way by producing a variety of molding stuffs and construction equipment. So feel free to send us inquires for your projects and we’ll respond you as soon as possible.
We can provide you solutions in Metal mold, concrete mold, modular mold, plastic mold, plywood mold, slab shuttering, modular plastic mold, Geoplast concrete mold, Geotube Column mold and etc.

The formwork plastic panels have an almost infinite range of applications, providing best value when
cranes or heavy-lifting equipment are not available.
Whether renovating an historical building in the congested centre of a capital city, building the new home of a young
family, casting the foundations of an industrial estate in a developing country or shuttering shear walls in a high riser,
is the useful tool that every building company, small or large, will find infinitely useful.

Modular scaffolding, built on the conventional tube and coupler method, is today’s modern scaffolding. Unlike the old days, today people are more inclined to design buildings with a unique appearance with complex structures. Modular scaffolding is the only working structure that needs to be set up when constructing such a building.
Modular scaffolding is also called a scaffolding system and is very efficient due to its flexibility. It can be installed outdoors or indoors to allow work on both sides. This makes it a very versatile and popular scaffolding system in the construction industry.

Rebar Cutting

Rebar bending and cutting machines are used to cut rebars in concrete structures. In Alborz Ghaleb, all kinds of rebar shearing machines are produced with reasonable prices and extensive after sales services in the entire .

Rebar Bending, Rebar Cutting

plastic formwork are immune to the common causes of timber damage: they last five to ten times longer than many timber formwork – over 100 uses of the same plastic plastic panel have been documented.

—No shrinking, swelling or rotting

—No moisture absorption

—No discolouration of the concrete.

—High abrasion resistance

—High resistance to acids, alkalis and chemicals

—Reuse use life up to 60 times.

—Easy and fast disassembly and assembly.

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