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concrete formwork plastic systems

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Plastic formwork products + plastic concrete formwork

formwork polymer systems Replacement of Steel Concrete Molds

plastic formwork Concrete Molds

Plastic formwork is polymer from ABS or PP . It is the lightest system among all other material formwork systems.

The plastic formwork system is made of a specific grade of plastic, neither placing any attached material nor chemical reaction between the poured material and the plastic formwork. Therefore, the surface of the reinforced concrete element will not have any spots.

In addition, it is the most labour-saving system because it is easy to install and insert and lightweight compared to other formwork systems.Due to the perfect adaptability of each part of the system, the leakage of water or newly poured concrete from different parts is avoided.

Other formwork materials (such as wood, steel, aluminium) will have various disadvantages, exceeding their benefits. For example, wood is quite expensive and has a significant impact on the environment due to deforestation.

For plastic formwork, it can be used many times. However, because the plastic formwork price is higher than some other types of formwork, it is wrong in many cases. In contrast, plastic formwork can be recycled, and in addition to reducing processing time and improving reusability indicators, it is also environmentally friendly.




Wall Polymer formwork system is used for shearing walls, corner walls, basin, foundation, etc., Wall formwork system has panels of various sizes, fastened together by Nylon handles. Thanks to the several possible panel combinations, and special inner- and outer-corner elements, the possible wall thickness goes from 10 to 40 cm.
Along with shoring prop, tripod, forks and H20 beam, wall panels also can used for slab directly.


formwork plastic systems
formwork plastic systems
formwork polymer systems
formwork polymer systems
formwork plastic systems
formwork plastic systems


for square and rectangular concrete columns – is an adjustable, lightweight, modular plastic formwork system ideal for unique form configurations.

The Star plastic column formwork system for concrete structures is a universal solution for the forming of columns, pile caps, footings, plinths, and more.

Star panels are connected using the nylon handle with a simple 90 degree twist. Tie rods and anchor nuts are used to prevent bulging on larger width columns.

Form columns from 200 – 1000 mm wide in 105 different size combinations

Because the Star column formwork system is made from high-strength, lightweight ABS at less than 10 kg per piece, crane time can be drastically reduced.

Smart formworkers are experiencing a significant saving of time and resource costs to their jobs.

concrete formwork plastic systems
concrete formwork plastic systems


1Ap 120flat panel60 12011 KG
2Ap 20flat panel60 202.1 KG
3Ap 25flat panel60 252.5 KG
4Ap 30flat panel60 303.1 KG
5Ap 35flat panel60 353.6 KG
6Ap 40flat panel60 404.1 KG
7Ap INin60 in2.1 KG
8Ap OUTout60 out2.8 KG


1Pp 120flat panel60* 1209.1 KG
2Pp 20flat panel60* 201.8 KG
3Pp 25flat panel60* 252.2 KG
4Pp 30flat panel60* 302.5 KG
5Pp 35flat panel60* 353.0 KG
6Pp 40flat panel60* 404.1 KG
7Pp INin60* in2.0 KG
8Pp OUTout60* out2.6 KG

Advantages and Disadvantages Plastic formwork products

Advantages Plastic formwork products

Easy to demould. The concrete does not stick to the board surface, no release agent is required, and it is easy to demould and clean the dust.

It is light in weight and has strong process adaptability. It can be sawed, planed, drilled, nailed, and can be formed into any geometric shape at will to meet the needs of building formwork of various shapes.

The formwork is spliced tightly and flatly, and the surface degree and smoothness of the concrete structure after demoulding exceed the technical requirements of the existing clear water formwork, and there is no need for secondary plastering, saving labor and materials.

Disadvantages Plastic formwork products

The static bending strength and static bending elastic modulus of plastic building formwork are smaller than other formwork.
At present, the plastic building formwork is mainly used as the roof and floor formwork in the form of flat plate, and the bearing capacity is low. As long as the spacing of the secondary beams is properly controlled, the construction requirements can be met. But to be used as wall column formwork, it must be processed into steel frame plastic formwork.

The coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction of plastic sheets is larger than that of aluminum formwork, so plastic building formwork is greatly affected by temperature. For example, in the high temperature period in summer, the temperature difference between day and night can reach 40 °C. Up to 3mm ~ 4mm. To solve the problem of expansion, you can choose an average temperature time to lay the slabs during construction, or add sponge strips between the slabs, which can eliminate the gaps in the formwork, ensure that the pouring concrete does not leak, and can solve the problem of high temperature. Arching problem.


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