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Single-phase 32 Rebar Cutter

Single-phase 32 Rebar Cutter Four-Wheel

32 Rebar Cutter Four-Wheel

A dual-purpose 32 Rebar Cutter with four wheels – Hydraulic System

Equipped with a single-phase 3HP 1400R.P.M electric motor

16-liter hydraulic pump

Comes with a cutting blade with technical number K600BOHLER28-10

Blade dimensions: 60*60*25MM

Cutting and bending power on rebar grade T32-Alll

Price of Rebar Cutter (cutting and bending)

Rebar Cutter Jaw

Includes four portable wheeled carts for workshop mobility

Dual-layer wire piping system

Equipped with an electrical panel for circuit protection

Rebar Cutter (cutting and bending)

This device is available in both single-phase and three-phase models.

Alborz Ghaleb Complex

Alborz Ghaleb Complex, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction, has embarked on the production of construction machinery such as rebar cutters, rebar bending and cutting machines, rebar benders, tie wire machines, automatic rebar tier, and other construction machinery under the brand name “Alborz Bresh” in Iran.

Alborz Galeb Complex primarily focuses on manufacturing various types of construction machinery, concrete formwork equipment, as well as new and used building molds. With a cohesive and strong establishment in the country, it has evolved into one of the largest centers for buying and selling such equipment.


Single-phase 32 Rebar Cutter
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