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Single-phase rebar Cutter machine:

Types of single-phase rebar Cutter machine models.

Application of single-phase rebar shearing machine.

Better model selection and purchase of single-phase rebar Cutter machine.

Maintenance and care of single-phase rebar Cutter machine.

Price of various models of single-phase rebar Cutter machine.

Comparison of single-phase rebar Cutter machine with other rebar cutting tools.

Introduction to Single-Phase Rebar Cutter Machine

A single-phase rebar Cutter machine is an electric cutting device used for cutting rebars. This machine features a single-phase electric motor capable of cutting metal rebars of various diameters and thicknesses. The term “single-phase” in the name refers to the fact that this device can be operated using standard household single-phase electricity with a voltage of 220 volts.

Single-Phase Rebar Cutter

Types of Single-Phase Rebar Cutter Machines

Single-Phase Electric Rebar Shearing Machines come in various models with different cutting capacities and designs. Below are the types of these machines:

1. Grounded Single-Phase Rebar Cutter Machine

2. Industrial Wheel-Type Single-Phase Rebar Cutter Machine

3. Dual-Wheel Single-Phase Rebar Shearing Machine

4. Hydraulic Four-Wheel Single-Phase Rebar Cutter Machine


The application of single-phase rebar Cutter machine.

Today, due to the expansion of small and medium-sized construction projects within urban areas and their reliance on household single-phase electricity, the use of single-phase rebar shearing machines has greatly proliferated. It has become one of the most commonly used rebar cutting devices.

قیچی برقی تک فاز

Purchase and selection of the best model of single-phase rebar Cutter machine

Purchasing any tool presents a challenge for any contractor, as they aim to acquire the best machine with good quality, power, and capability to meet their project requirements.

When buying a single-phase rebar shearing machine, there are important considerations to bear in mind. Firstly, the cutting power of the rebar shearing machine is crucial. Electric single-phase rebar shearing machines are produced with various cutting powers, and it’s essential to pay special attention to this aspect based on the project’s needs.

Another important consideration is the mobility of these machines. Portability is of particular importance during transportation, and industrial wheels or car wheels are manufactured for this purpose.

 Electric Rebar Cutter

Maintenance and Care of Single-Phase Rebar Cutter Machine

One of the aspects that requires special attention is the maintenance of single-phase rebar shearing machines.

Electrical Issues:

These machines, due to their use of a single-phase electric motor, have only one electrical protection component, which is the on/off switch. Therefore, special attention must be paid to this aspect. Single-phase machines with high power (3 HP) or 2.2 kW consume equivalent to 19 amps of single-phase power. If the cable length is too long, it can cause voltage drop, affecting the machine’s performance and potentially damaging the electric motor.

To prevent this issue, using a thick cable and keeping the machine close to the main power source can be helpful. The allowable distance is up to 10 meters.

Jaw Wear:

Over time, the jaws of rebar cutting machines can experience wear, primarily due to metal debris generated during cutting that gets caught between the moving parts of the jaws. To mitigate this problem, it’s advisable to clean the machine’s jaws with a mixture of diesel and used oil every few days.

Prices of various models of single-phase rebar Cutter machines

Here are the translations for the provided text:

1. Hydraulic single-phase rebar shearing machine with cutting power up to 32 mm rebar.

2. Single-phase ring bending shearing machine, mainly used for cutting rebars with a diameter of 28 mm.

3. In large projects, three-phase rebars are used. Rebar cutting machines are produced in single-phase and three-phase models for cutting, bending, and straightening rebars.

4. Alborz Mold Complex manufactures various types of rebar cutting machines, which are known as rebar cutters, electric rebar shears, and rebar cutting machines. Offering competitive prices and extensive after-sales services nationwide provides peace of mind for contractors.


Dual-function rebar cutting and bending machine – Hydraulic system

Equipped with a single-phase electric motor, 2.2 kW, 1400 RPM

14-liter hydraulic pump

Features cutting blade with technical number K600BOHLER28-10

Blade dimensions: 60*60*25 mm

Cutting and bending power on rebar grade T28-Alll

Rebar cutter (cutting and bending)

Comes with four portable caster wheels for workshop mobility only

Dual-layer wire harnessing system

Rebar cutter (cutting and bending)

This machine is produced in both single-phase and three-phase models.

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